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Posted: Mar 17, 2012 2:55:34 am

Today, My little sister intreat me to go shopping with her.I don't know why,she doesn't like shopping or go around the street at all.I feel so strange,I said:"I'm tired,you can go with our little brother."She didn't give up and intreaty me again and again.At the end,I can't stand the noice she made,so I said:"ok,ok,let's go."
She's so happy and walk so quickly untill we arrive the Jordan high heels multiple shop,she stare at Jordan heels and Nike heels,she pick up one pair of Jordan 8 high heels,turn back and said:"I want to have a pair of Jordan high heels,I want to be a really ladies."I smile and figure out why she intreat me to go shopping with I said:"ok,take it home if you want to be a ladies."

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