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Posted: Mar 16, 2012 7:49:11 am

Today is my birthday,in the morning,I pick up the telephone is from my best friend.I'm so glad untill she saied that"I'm busy today,I should finish all of my work,I'm sorry I can't being with you today,and happy birthday." Maybe I will spent my birthday party alone I think.
Suddenly,the doorbell ringing at 8 o'clock,I open the door and found a box with beautiful decoration,I open it and a pair of Jordan 23 high heels in the box.I feel so strange at the first,When I turn back,my best friend stand my back and said"happy birthday",I'm so surprise and give her deep hug.
She undertand Jordan heels and Nike heels is my favorite high heels,I'm so happy.I would want to say thanks my friend,and thanks Nike company released women Jordan heels,I love my friend very much and my gift--Jordan 23 high heels.

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