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Posted: Mar 16, 2012 3:20:15 am

ALLEN PARK, Mich. Authentic Tyler Ennis Jersey . - Detroit running back Rudi Johnson said Wednesday that the player who was waived to make room for him on the Lions roster - Tatum Bell - took his luggage from team headquarters. "All this happened when he got released," Johnson said. "He came in to get some stuff out of his locker and thats when he scooped up the bags." After being cut by the Cincinnati Bengals, Johnson came to Detroit to work out for the team and meet with Lions president Matt Millen on Monday. During the meeting, which ended with Johnson agreeing to a free-agent contract, the two Gucci bags that he had received as a Pro Bowl gift were taken from inside the teams headquarters. A message seeking comment was left Wednesday with Bells agent, Kennard McGuire. Johnson met with the Detroit media for the first time Tuesday, and talked about Bell in a positive manner - saying they had discussed the Lions and that Bell, also a running back, had given him advice on the team and the city. However, shortly after Johnson praised Bell, team security director Ricky Sandoval showed him footage from the teams surveillance system. "Ricky showed me the tape Tuesday afternoon," Johnson said. "What makes this crazy is that Ive talked to him after games, and I talked to him a couple hours prior to this - I guess it was before he found out he was going to be released." Johnson said a woman returned the bags to the practice facility Tuesday evening, but that the contents were gone. "I got the bags back - empty," he said. "So hes got a bunch of my underclothes. What hes going to do with that, I dont know. Hes got some socks and boxers." Johnson said he was also still missing about $200 in cash along with his ID and the credit cards, but said that he did not plan to involve the authorities. "I dont need the police for this," he said. "I got my bags back and the credit cards are cancelled." Johnson did speak with Bell after the bags were returned. "I didnt want to talk to him, but I let him know where I stand," he said. "He knows how I feel about it, and it isnt anything positive." Lions coach Rod Marinelli declined to comment on the issue after Wednesdays practice, but the team issued a short, uncredited statement before Johnson confirmed the reports that had started on the Internet Tuesday night. "We are aware of the media reports regarding former player Tatum Bell," the statement said. "Our sole focus continues to be on our regular season opener in Atlanta. We will not have any further comment on the media reports involving Tatum Bell."  David Backes Premier Jersey . 4 has been pulled, and Seidel has apologized. The Oilers and the first-year forward had denied the report, which said that Team Hall had made a push for Lowes old number - which hasnt been worn by another Oiler since he retired in 1998. Ryan Kesler Jersey . Its the first step in making Persille de Tignes, which according to local lore, was a favorite of the mighty 9th century emperor Charlemagne. But the Marmottans are the last family making it, and while most French people may be content with the mass-produced cheeses of their globalizing world, the disappearance of traditional varieties is seen by some as threatening the very essence of Frenchness. Reggie Miller Jersey . Zvonareva came through a tense tussle in three hours 12 minutes for only her second win in eight matches against the 13-time Grand Slam champion. "I know I can do better," Williams said. Dallas Cowboys Jersey . As the sides moved ahead with preparations for the Feb. 13 hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Clemens added a former lawyer for President Clinton to his legal team. Authentic Jeremy Lin Jersey . Thanks to a current eight-game winning streak and a 17-2-1 record over its last 20 outings, San Jose has taken over first place in the Pacific Division and is also the third seed in the Western Conference.Theres almost no one who doesnt want to see the Canadian Football League expand to Atlantic Canada. Not fans in any of the CFLs existing eight cities, not the league head office in Toronto and certainly not the folks in New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia who snapped up 20,000 tickets for Sundays game between the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos in about 30 hours back in the spring. What the CFL has proven so far is that its possible to stage a neutral site CFL game in Atlantic Canada and make it a roaring success. But the question on everyones mind this weekend is could this city and this region support its own team? And make no mistake, with Ottawa on schedule to return to the CFL for the 2013 season, there would be nothing better for the CFL than expansion to 10 teams, balancing the schedule with five games every week, creating two five-team divisions and immediately making the playoff chase more competitive. Never mind the fact that having a team on the East Coast would allow the CFL to brand itself as a truly national league. First the positives on Moncton as a potential CFL site. Moncton Snapshot City Population (2006 census) 64,128 Metro Population 126,424 Population within 1 hour drive 250,000 Population within 2.5 hours 1.3 million Building permit growth 2008 to 09 78.5 per cent Percentage of metro population age 20-39 28.7 per cent Median Family Income (2005) $59,813 (NB -- $52,500, Can -- $60,600) Unemployment rate (Dec. 09) 5.5 per cent (Canadian average 8.4 per cent) Moncton Distance from Halifax: 273 km | Fredericton: 182 km | St. John: 152 km | Charlottetown: 172 km To the surprise of many across this country, Moncton is a bit of a hotbed of minor and high school football. The citys minor football has been around for 50 years, with its original teams all named after CFL clubs. High school football regularly draws crowds of 2,500 to 3,000, with crowds so rabid theyre more likely to make one think of Texas than New Brunswick. There is strong political support behind the idea of having a team in the city and word that potential investors have already stepped up, at least ready and willing to have the conversation. And consider that the 20,000 tickets sold for Sundays game likely represent the largest paid gate for an Argo home game this season, in a market with a metro area that is 1/45th the size of the Greater Toronto AArea. Red Wings Jersey. The CFL has proven that size really doesnt matter as much as passion. The Saskatchewan Roughriders, playing in a city of just over 200,000 are the leagues most profitable team while the Toronto Argonauts, playing in a market of 5.7 million, are its biggest money losers. Now the downside. Theres no stadium suitable for hosting a team and its hard to say whether the 10,000-seat track-and-field stadium at the University of Moncton is reasonably expandable to CFL standards on a fulltime basis. The better option might be to start from scratch but that likely means an investment of at least $75 million from the public and private sectors. Modular stadiums might come cheaper but youre still talking about a $50 million investment. Revenue Gate Revenue $7 million Sponsorship $3 million Game Day proceeds $1 million League Distribution $2 million Merchandise/Misc $2 million Total $15 million Expenses Football Operations $9 million Marketing $1.5 million Administration $2.5 million Miscellaneous $2 million Total $15 million With about 125,000 people in its metro area, Moncton would obviously have to pull from the larger population that surrounds it, as it has for other events such as huge rock concerts featuring the Rollting Stones, ACDC and The Eagles. But theres some concern that folks in such places as Halifax wont necessarily jump on board a CFL team in Moncton, especially when it comes to season tickets. As a comparison, about 85 per cent of Saskatchewan Roughrider season ticket holders live in Regina, about 5 per cent in Saskatoon and the rest scattered across the province. So even if you can successfully regionalize your teams brand, as the Roughriders have done in Saskatchewan, the majority of support has to come from close by. And thats leads us to the question of corporate support. Moncton, by professional sports standards, has a tiny corporate base, smaller than Saskatoon or Regina. That might make things challenging both for sponsorship and season tickets, since corporate clients are need to buy up the expensive seats. Maritimers love to think big and show they can do more than the rest of the country believes is possible. The CFL is happy to let them try to turn this dream into a reality. ' ' '

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