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Posted: Mar 15, 2012 4:27:35 am

High heels is the symbol of noble in 17 century.Even common girls will be elegant and poised when them wear high heels.But in that time is not any one have chance to wear high heels.The noblewomen  have only chance to wear high heels,because of the comfortable and luxury environment,the round must be remain flat,even little macadam can't appearance.But now,every thing is change,every one can wear high heels,even men,its not only women' patent any more.
Jordan heels and Nike heels not only gain great reputation in the noble circle,but also welcome by common.Especially Jondan 5 high heels most popular in 2012,it both elegant and comfortable,is the favorite of fashion ladies.You should deserve have a pair of Jordan high heels.

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