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Posted: Feb 20, 2012 7:43:41 am

Beats  By Dre Lebron James I sit  here today
When the woman  saw me sitting did not Beats Headphones move her hands cross at the waist, a flat  chest child back and forth up and down the undulating waves surging. She said  that 54 obviously is my ticket out to show me. The woman does not seem to reach  the goal, refusing to give.
  I said, Why should I showed the ticket you see, Beats  By Dre Lebron James I sit  here today, do not go, how can you! My outburst attracted several angry eyes.
  Woman being angry Qiqiaoshengyan by my words, scarlet, such as drinking human  blood lips kept twitching her luggage in front of me throw it said, and took my  seat and there is reason, you dare me to look for crew!
  The woman's eyes were red, Beats  By Dr.Dre Yao Ming like  cockfighting field a morale cock. I want to look for flight attendants how Do  they can thrown from the train go? But I did not tell her to go, because I know  what were the consequences, not only the seat, also a shame.
  The woman saw that I still did not leave mean, Superman  Beats she raised her  voice, cynical to say, how? Timid, and afraid to go? A man and woman of musical  chairs you lost is not a shame!
  I have not paid her, I'd like to see how she can. The woman looked at me,  grumpy and not wait for an I swallowed down.
  At this point, Manchester  United Beats I saw a policeman  came to the DPRK side. Damn bad luck, not when, but why rush on this point the  child.
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