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Posted: Feb 17, 2012 5:59:56 am

New  Limited Edition Colors looked puzzled Luo Gang
Suddenly stood up, went to Chen Rui before  the Beats By Dre accident smiled on Chen Rui said : I'm sorry, wood brother ate ate,  when the brothers honor wood brother. Luo Gang, seen for two years, I did not  expect you back, my name is Chen Rui, not to mention the previous nickname of  South America there why do not mix? Chen Rui sighed a sound, Beats By Dre Sale emitting a smoke ring , lightly. That just five Luo men suddenly ate  surprised, they never saw Luo Gang show this appearance.
  As the dangerous elements Beats By  Dre Tour could be included in the international  S-class, even bowing in front Chen Rui, this is amazing . Luo is also just  surprised a moment, shook his head and said: Chen brother, would you now is not  dry in the card lotus marketing department? Chen Rui nodded his head, New  Limited Edition Colors looked puzzled Luo Gang. Luo  has just sigh sound, I thought no wonder Tang Xiaosheng planted a big  somersault, but also to come forward to resolve this matter.
  That he met with Chen Rui, that if placed  before, Justbeats  Solo Chen Rui, not to death he so unexpected. Chen  brother, I withdrew from the South American rain forest, a little want to  return the root mean, so many years, courtesy of brother mercy, let me a way  out, Power  Beats By Dre just go back to when the gang, but  found that I was not all have become greedy, coupled with Chen brother to kill  20 of our five high-level, our internal integration.
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