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Posted: Apr 27, 2012 2:23:55 am

The last time I wore high heels was on my wedding day last year… and they were so numbingly uncomfortable that I spent much of the day barefoot, with my shoes kicked under a chair somewhere. Maybe I should have had £400 worth of *censor* injected into my feet instead, to ensure I looked better for the all-important photos?!Mary is one of my best friend,She love Jordan high heels and Nike high heels very much,she like wear Jordan heels and Nike heels every where,even in her wedding. We now have a generation of women who are intent on plasticising their entire bodies top to toe (noses, boobs, tummies, bums and more). Worse, the younger generation of girls think this is something to aspire to. But while I obviously accept that we all have different interests and priorities, I’m struggling to think of one woman I know in real life who voluntarily wears high heels. But I can think of friends who’ve made a conscious decision never to wear the crippling things again. Apart from anything else, whenever I see those troops of identikit women on a Friday and Saturday night, clopping about in bum-skimming skirts and skyscraper heels, I always think they look like they’re strapped pigs’ trotters onto the end of their legs, and can never understand why they think that’s attractive. But what do I know?

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