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Posted: Feb 29, 2012 6:22:10 am

  Graffiti Beats By Dreshe  did not say
  After reading the silent trance. 14 Elder brother asked: Beats By Dre"If you want to reply quickly write  one in passing out to her, also as early as possible with no way out of her  silly!" I asked: "How do you know the contents of the letter?"  He lightly said: "Green Wu has begged me, I said Huang Beats By Dre Manchester UnitedAma have said 'there is  no decree, no person shall close visits', not to mention her such a request. no  idea she was still unwilling to give up.
  And begged me to  give you with the letter, Graffiti Beats  By Dreshe did not say I guess the content. do  not want to send this letter for her, can they really pity her a lot of thought  and thinking to you and thirteen brother's friendship, maybe you, then she can  listen to you carefully persuade her otherwise Green BeatsI'm afraid thirteen brother not what she  was the first Hong consumer jade fall from the sky! "He was silent for a  moment, exclaimed:" Green wu now emaciated, even if this meant I had a  heart of stone, to see to her soft a little more! "
  I asked: "You really do nothing?" He said sincerely: White Beats By Dre"O'Young! This matter with our Bing  no conflict of interest, if we can oblige, why not? Am I really in your heart  so cold-blooded ? do not, because Huang Ama existing decree, custody thirteen  brother are the third brother elected, Huang Ama in person nodding associate of  then you want to add.
  Certainly Huang  Ama agree. Beats By Dre MLBnow something to do and thirteen of  Columbia contact inevitably Huang Ama suspected of spreading rumors and wrong  meaning of the thirteen brother Mahone are busy and thirteen brother dissociate  itself, are not we? now there is no one dares to speak for the 13 brother.  "
  I'm cold, 'Well,' cry, and did not speak. This is what you do, you of course,  is taboo. In fact, all understand that there was always hoping against hope.
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