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Posted: Feb 29, 2012 6:21:22 am

  Dr Dre Beats I know that she must do so
Then he put down  the curtains to let the driver carriages go, Cheap  Beats By Dre I do not  know me how could it bold son, or speak to him I have never heard the calm and  pleasant, though the curse has no Bansi anger, or just think he is very wealthy  people, casual alms me some, I can retain the amount mother and brother. Then I  rushed forward to stop the carriage, knelt down and begged him to give me some  money. "
  See Yu Tan that the real with the warmth of the smile, Dr Dre  Beats I know that she  must do so in his heart or tight Q: "And then?" Jade Tan laughed at  me and said: "the driver cursed 'really act recklessly , you know that you  stopped Whose car is it?
  The son laughed  in the car, Cheap  Beats Maserati to stir up  the curtain and looked at kneeling in the snow I said,' so big, it touches the  first time someone dares to be so direct I discuss money, but you had Tell me,  why should I no reason to give you money? '"Jade Tan finished, bow to  smile.
  I shook her hand and asked: "how do you say?"
  Jade Tan: "I  said, 'I to give Eniang and brother to see a doctor', Beats By Dre  Ferrari he said, 'I am  not open economy Sin Tong Benevolent Society, people are sick off my anything  for? 'I said,' If he can give me money, I am willing to wait on him for life  the lackey, 'he said' my house may be other there are deficient, may I slaves.
  'I pray,' I very  capable, Beats By Dre  Graffiti I can do a lot  of things even though I can not do, I can learn, 'he laughed' help me to do  something genius. 'Then put down the curtain and ordered the coachman to go and  I was full of despair think to Beats  By Dre Kobe Bryant leave  the carriage away Eniang and his brother, suddenly made a hard, ran forward  grabbed the car rafters will not let them go.
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